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The Red Thread Trailer

The Red Thread is a monumental new production and limited ephemeral performance created by Kerry Guinan with an international team of collaborators. It will take place May 4th - 10th (excluding Sunday 8th) at The Complex Gallery, Dublin as part of the ‘Art Factory’ programme.

For 6 performances only, from 8am - 1.30pm, an installation of industrial sewing machines will be activated live in The Complex. The kinetic installation appears to be self-operating, but there are puppeteers in hiding. Over 8,000 kilometers away, in Bengaluru, India, workers in a textiles factory press upon the foot pedals of their sewing machines.

The Red Thread is a project by Kerry Guinan

Production team: Pret Interpret Clothing India, Robert Collins, Space Forms, Sai Mulpuru,

Bakula Nayak, Anthony O’Connor, Aisling Murray, and Emily Waszak Supported by The Complex Dublin, the Arts Council of Ireland, Fingal Arts Office, and Dublin

City Arts Office Video: Anthony O'Connor Soundtrack: Natalia Beylis



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