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The Complex welcomes new Studio Artists

The Complex welcomes three new Studio Artists, Martyna Lebryk, Banbha McCann and Maria Maarbjerg.

Martyna Lebryk

Martyna Lebryk is a Dublin based artist whose work encompasses painting sculpture and installation. Lebryk’s art explores ideas of social agency, power, control and failure. The artworks she creates seek to unearth the relationship between the body and the built space, by operating somewhere between an image and a three-dimensional form.

Lebryk currently has work on show as part of the The Contemporary Britain Painting Prize at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London. The Contemporary British Painting Prize is an annual prize promoting the best of contemporary painting produced in the UK.

In March this year, Lebryk will exhibit at the MFA group exhibition in the NCAD Gallery.

'Three riders of my fate', oil and oil pastel on paper, Martyna Lebryk

Banbha McCann

Banbha McCann is an artist, architect and researcher living and working in Dublin. McCann’s practice combines architecture, painting and writing, to explore questions of material reality, the emotional charge of spaces and things, and how these concerns overlap and combine in our environment.

In October 2021, McCann’s solo exhibition ‘LAND, HO!’, ran at 18/19 Duke Street, Dublin. A painting show featuring water, land and other things with accompanying text by Benjamin Stafford.

'It was only a kiss', oil on panel, Banbha McCann, 2022

Maria Maarbjerg

Maria Maarbjerg is a visual artist based in Dublin. Working primarily with photography and performance, Maarbjerg’s practice revolves around questions of national identity, societal changes, and her Scandinavian cultural heritage. Her style favours a nostalgic expression, with a formal concern with shapes, lines, and textures.

In 2021, Maarbjerg received A4 Sounds Studio’s ‘We Only Want the Earth’ studio residency, with an exhibition in their gallery in October 2021. 'Next to None' was a multimedia installation exploring the precarity and emotional experience of renting in Dublin.

From November 2021 to January 2022, Maarbjerg’s piece 'Ode to Changes' was displayed in the RHA Gallery. The 13 minute long film observed the surrealism and strangeness the world experienced in during the pandemic, while retaining an underlining hope that the crisis would lead to societal changes and reforms in the rental market.

Next to none, Maria Maarbjerg



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