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'TAP' opens this Friday at The Complex Gallery

The Complex presents 'TAP', an energetic exhibition of new works by Joe Hanly. Opening Friday 25 March, 'TAP', will launch from 6-8pm in The Complex Gallery.

Image courtesy the artist and Robert Armstrong

TAP is the title of an energetic exhibition of new works by artist Joe Hanly. Featuring a cacophony of 3D installations of 2D paintings and montages, the works are essentially abstract but employ within their framework a hybrid mix of representational and nonrepresentational devices drawn from the everyday paraphernalia of living, dreaming, memories, and the aleatory encounters of being in the world today.

I like to think of my works in terms of propositions as if to say to the viewer “Consider this and see where it takes you or indeed where you take it” in an endeavor to transcend the prevailing state of affairs and TAP into possibilities that may lie beyond. These works are not intended to be prescriptive or didactic in any sense but do however seek to be informed by encounters with an audience.

- Joe Hanly.

'TAP' will continue until Friday 08 April and opens from 10am - 5pm on weekdays, 12 - 5pm on Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays.

The Complex Gallery Programme is proudly sponsored by The Arts Council of Ireland.

Image courtesy the artist and Robert Armstrong


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