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TAP : ONLINE is a selection of video works by Joe Hanly, accompanied by various texts, to prelude his solo exhibition TAP at The Complex.

The webpage will be added to during the weeks that preceded TAP, forming an archive for audiences to engage and re-engage with over the run of the exhibition.

The first addition to TAP : ONLINE was 'New Soup', (2019), a video work by Joe Hanly.

"As the novelist Ann Patchett puts it rather bluntly in her essay The Portrait Gallery: "The human impulse is to look for order, but there isn't any. Could it be that Hanly is drawing attention to the instinctive aesthetic faculty he has referred to by deliberately tripping it up, offering glimpses of how the world might seem or indeed how the world might be without it?" - Aidan Dunne, commissioned essay for TAP (a publication by Joe Hanly to coincide with his solo exhibition at The Complex) 2021. Full text on The Complex website.

TAP opens 25 March, 6 - 8pm. Exhibition runs 26 March - 08 April.

Video courtesy the artist.


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