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Studio Artists October Update

The Complex is home to sixteen studios, occupied by professional artists of various disciplines. The creative spaces offer scope for both emerging and established practitioners, with a dynamic range of workspaces catering to all forms of creativity.

Here’s what some of the studio artists are up to in October. Rónán Ó Raghallaigh

Ó Raghallaigh is an artist from Kildare. His work makes use of the surreal, the symbolic, and the ritual. On Bealtaine 2021, Ó Raghallaigh held a family ceremony where he was rebaptised as a Druid. In 2021, he completed his MFA in “Art in The Contemporary World” at The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, during which he wrote a thesis entitled “Postcolonial Druidry and Joseph Beuys”.

On Thursday the 28th of October at 6PM, Ó Raghallaigh will perform at The Goethe-Institut in Dublin. “Channelling Joseph Beuys” is a performative artwork in which Ó Raghallaigh takes on the persona of a Druid and channels ideas or images from the Celtic Otherworld. In this performance, Ó Raghallaigh will attempt to enter a Druidic trance with the aid of a stag’s skull and a staff, and to channel the spirit of Joseph Beuys. He will then draw the visions or ideas he receives immediately afterwards as a record of the trance experience.

The event is free to attend, but tickets must be pre-booked.

Pilkington is an artist from Sligo who specialises in relief printmaking and lithography.

To accompany her exhibition at The Model in Sligo, Pilkington has published a book titled ‘I Build My Own Island’. The book revolves around a series of recurring characters that inhabit surreal landscapes, evoking lakeshores, seashores, and distant mountain ranges.

The Book was launched at The Model on October 9th, and includes an essay by Francis McKee, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

Gibbons is an artist and printmaker from Dublin. He recently created the artwork and design for the upcoming album ‘Oscaitle’ by Gareth Quinn Redmond.



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