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Studio Artists January Update

Here's what some of The Complex Studio Artists have been up to in January.

Hazel Egan

Egan is presenting work this month as part of ‘Living Balance’, a group show with Black Church Print Studio, celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The exhibition looks at the traditions of the printing process, and investigates elements of ritual, pattern, voice, language and re-wilding. The show is curated by Debi Paul, winner of the Black Church Emerging Curator Award.

The show runs in The Library Project in Temple Bar, from 13 - 30 January.

Rónán Ó Raghallaigh

This month sees Ó Raghallaigh bring his solo exhibition 'Vae Victis' to Platform Arts in Belfast, following it's run at The Complex last September.

‘Vae Victis’ is a series of paintings created by Ó Raghallaigh exploring the suppression of The Celtic by The Christian Church, The Roman Empire and The British Empire. The exhibition runs from 7 - 29 January.

Helen Hughes

Hughes’ solo exhibition ‘And Yes, daydreamer SurRender’, continues at Roscommon Arts Centre until Saturday 15 January.

Critique of the exhibition was included in the January/ February edition of the Visual Artists News Sheet, with text by Mark Garry.



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