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George Hooker facilitates a portrait photography workshop in the studio

A group of students from Youthreach North Great George’s Street dropped by The Complex last Friday 7th July, specifically to George Hooker’s studio, for a workshop by George on portraiture photography.

George talked to the group about the importance of lighting within the medium and other specific techniques used in commercial and fashion portraiture. The students had the chance to pose and take photos of each other using their own phones, putting these techniques to the test and picking up skills along the way. George provided great tips for taking selfies and DIY portraiture at home, using nothing but natural light and a smart phone. There were a few embarrassing yet funny moments, followed by some excellent portraits captured by the students. Below are some behind the scenes shots taken by the group's teacher Donal Talbot.

George Hooker is a filmmaker & analogue photographer from Tipperary, Ireland. Adjunct teaching fellow at Trinity College Dublin School of Creative Arts. Founder of KinoD, Dublin cell of the Kino film movement. George has been a Complex studio artist since 2019.

Thanks to YNGGS, to the great George Hooker for hosting, to the wonderful Donal Talbot for organising, and to students Shane, Leila, Brooklyn, Ceile, Isatu, and Andrea for their time and enthusiasm.

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