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Saint Sister Live Stream from The Complex

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Where I Should End - Album Livestream, 8th July, 2021

Hailing from the north of Ireland, Saint Sister are Morgana MacIntyre (Belfast) and Gemma Doherty (Derry) who met in Dublin in 2014. Their second record ‘Where I Should End’ came out on June 25th 2021. To celebrate its release and to mark the occasion they are performing the album (in its entirety) on two streams on July 8th, live from The Complex Main Space. For the gig they are joined by the full force of the band who played on the record, as well as Crash Ensemble and Lisa Hannigan.

The livestream is completely free but they ask that you might consider donating the equivalent of the cost of a concert ticket to us via PayPal, here.

Link to livestream below

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