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Portico Online - Satin Shadow

Updated: Feb 16

For Portico Online, Tanad Aaron and Mark Swords invited artists and musicians Michelle Doyle as Rising Damp, Kirkos Ensemble and Satin Shadow to interact and respond to the exhibition space to create an online series of engagements.

Portico Online - Satin Shadow

Satin Shadow are Visual artist, Austin Hearne and film director, writer and music producer Glenn McQuaid. They produce and perform music of hymnal ritual and queer noise, sharing a love for strange sounds and contempt for the Catholic Church. For Portico Online they produced what they describe as a "Black Mass of Hymnal Rituals and Queer Noise". Check out the video below!

You can also check out the full album Live at The Complex, Dublin on Satin Shadow's Bandcamp here.



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