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Portico Online - Kirkos Ensemble

Updated: Feb 16

For Portico Online, Tanad Aaron and Mark Swords invited artists and musicians Michelle Doyle as Rising Damp, Kirkos Ensemble and Satin Shadow to interact and respond to the exhibition space to create an online series of engagements.

A  black and white picture of a man playing a violin

The third and final engagement comes from Dublin-based Kirkos Ensemble. Kirkos is a collaborative music group focusing on high-concept performances and developing the ecosystem that thrives at the fringes of Irish new music. Many of their projects include extra-musical elements, with devised work and influences from theatre, visual art and performance art heavily present. Kirkos comprises musicians who mostly studied at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and is directed by Sebastian Adams, with Robert Coleman as artistic advisor.

For Portico Online, Kirkos presents Sebastian Adams, Lina Andonovslka, David Lacey, Aonghus McEvoy.

Everything Kirkos does pursues a larger goal of helping audiences feel, understand and love contemporary music, aiming to develop the audience along with the scene. Kirkos hope their offbeat take on serious new music can be a game-changer for the uninitiated. Check out their ongoing project Biosphere on their website here.



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