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New Signage for The Complex

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In September, we revealed part one of new signage for The Complex, the first of three pieces aiming to highlight our presence and celebrate the artistic endeavors that take place here. Each installation features our logo, a design by Richard Seabrooke of The Tenth Man.

The first sign stands proudly at our Mary’s Abbey entrance, bold lettering stating, ‘The Complex’, expertly hand painted onto our red wall by Cormac and his team at Mack Signs. The red wall project was managed by Paul McGrane, assisted by his team at The Complex.

The second sign at Mary’s Abbey, an acrylic lightbox reading ‘The Complex Art Lives Here’ was crafted by Simon Kingston and hung by his team at Reverb. The lightbox illuminates our terrace just off Capel Street, a welcome pop of colour in the heart of Dublin 7.

Our final piece of new signage sits above our Arran Street East entrance, another installation by Simon Kingston and Reverb, a cube lightbox proudly showcasing our logo.

We’d like to thank everyone involved, and hope you enjoy the new art in your city.

This project is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland as part of a Capacity Building Grant.



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