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Nana Kelekhidze: A Beacon of Georgian Poetry and Art in the 21st Century

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A painting of a Georgian woman looking in the wardrobe mirror

Nana Kelekhidze's Artistic Journey

In the field of contemporary Georgian poetry and art, Nana Kelekhidze stands out as a luminary. Born in 1976, Kelekhidze has carved a niche for herself as a poet, artist, and translator. Her diverse works bridge the gap between Georgian cultural roots and a global audience, making her an influential figure in both local and international literary circles.

Embracing her Georgian Literary Excellence

Kelekhidze's journey in literature began with her contributions to esteemed Georgian periodicals such as "Literary Newspaper", "Tsiskari", and "Akhali Saunje". These publications laid the foundation for her literary career, showcasing her profound understanding of Georgian culture and her ability to articulate complex emotions and ideas.

A painting of a flower vase and jar by Nana Kelekhidze

Crossing International Borders

Kelekhidze's talent transcended Georgian borders with her works being featured in the Austrian literary magazine "Manuscript". Her inclusion in the French-language anthology "Kutaisi Matareli", published in France in 2022, marked a significant milestone in her career, bringing her poetic flair to a wider European audience.

Expanding Her Literary Horizons

Her contributions to the Russian-language anthology "Georgian Poets of the 21st Century" and the English anthology "I Release" underscore her versatility and adaptability as a poet. These works demonstrate her ability to connect with readers across different cultures and languages.

International Literary Festival Participation

Kelekhidze's participation in the International Literary Festival in Lithuania in 2019 further established her as a significant voice in modern literature. This event was a platform for her to engage with a global audience and exchange ideas with fellow literary enthusiasts.

Midnight' – A Collection of Deep Reflections

The poetry collection "Midnight", presented in Graz, Austria, in 2020, is a testament to Kelekhidze's mastery of the poetic form. This collection offers a deep dive into themes of identity, cultural legacy, and personal introspection, making it a must-read for those who appreciate poetry that resonates on a profound level.

Nana Kelekhidze's contributions to poetry and art are not just a celebration of Georgian culture but a testament to the universal power of artistic expression. Her work, deeply entrenched in her Georgian heritage yet appealing to a global audience, serves as an inspiration for aspiring poets and artists worldwide.



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