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Last day to catch 'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella'

Today, Thursday 20 January is your last day to catch 'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella', a solo exhibition by Andrea Martin.

'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella' is the first of The Complex's 2022 Community Initiative visual art exhibitions, continuing their proactive engagement with people in the community.

Martin's story is a remarkable ongoing odyssey through trauma, addiction, healing and redemption. Alongside being a painter, singer, healer and warrior, martin is also a poet. Her work reflects her experiences as a young woman growing up in a hostile environment where her biggest crime was being herself.

Bright Lights

Don't let the lights blind you

You never know whats on the other side

Trust the process.

- Andrea Martin, 2021

Don’t miss ‘The Girl with the Blue Umbrella’, showing in The Ground Floor Gallery until 5pm today.

Supported by Dublin City Council.



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