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International Women's Day 2022

International Women's Day is a global event that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

To mark the occasion, The Complex are shining a light on their female Studio Artists.

Hazel Egan

Hazel Egan is a visual artist from Tullamore, Co. Offaly currently based in Dublin. Egan graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2014 with a BA in Printmaking and Contemporary Practice, and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

"My work attempts to translate everyday intangible ideas and encounters into solid yet delicate form ... Responding to environment, material and my own personal position in the world, I explore spatial and ontological concerns through a meditative, reticent economy of means." - Hazel Egan

'Lithogenesis: the formation of rocks', Hazel Egan

Olivia Normile

Olivia Normile is an artist based in Dublin. Normile's practice explores the space and boundaries between image, object and idea.

"Through combining handmade objects with animated forms of themselves, I attempt to expose an unseen tension and quiet dialogue between the definite and unseen." - Olivia Normile

Olivia Normile

Monica Ennis

Monica Ennis has worked extensively in costume in Ireland, and was Costume Supervisor with many companies including Rough Magic, Druid Theatre Company, and Abhann Productions, the company that created Riverdance. Her most recent credits include this years iteration of Dancing With The Stars.

Monica Ennis in her studio at The Complex

Alison Pilkington

Alison Pilkington is an artist from Sligo who specialises in relief printmaking and lithography. She has exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad.

"In my painting practice I tap into my inner world and personal experiences to conjure up strange and unsettling worlds where all is not entirely at ease. Humour, the absurd and private jokes abound in strange unsettling landscapes. Bizarre figures are recurring motifs. They can be viewed as tragi-comic and quasi- philosophical in tone." - Alison Pilkington

'And We Will Remember Volcanoes' Alison Pilkington

Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes is a Mayo-born artist living and working in Dublin. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and completed a Masters in Visual Arts Practices through IADT Dublin. Hughes has exhibited widely and her work has received commendations both in Ireland and internationally.

'And yes daydreamer surrender', Helen Hughes

Aisling Duffy

Aisling Duffy is an art led fashion designer who runs a one person business from her studio at The Complex. Duffy designs bespoke pieces that address social issues such as Climate Change, Environment and Sustainable fashion. She works with vegan friendly fabrics, and operates on a made to order basis, meaning there's no waste or overproduction.

'Babydoll', Aisling Duffy

Banbha McCann

Banbha McCann is an artist, architect and researcher living and working in Dublin. McCann’s practice combines architecture, painting and writing, to explore questions of material reality, the emotional charge of spaces and things, and how these concerns overlap and combine in our environment.

'On Water', Banbha McCann

Maria Maarbjerg

Maria Maarbjerg is a visual artist based in Dublin. Working primarily with photography and performance, Maarbjerg’s practice revolves around questions of national identity, societal changes, and her Scandinavian cultural heritage. Her style favours a nostalgic expression, with a formal concern with shapes, lines, and textures.

Maria Maarbjerg

Sharon Crowley

Sharon Crowley is a Dublin based photographer, originally hailing from Cork. Crowley has photographed various gigs, festivals, BTS on music video and film shoots. Her favourite medium is film photography.

Erica Cody by Sharon Crowley

Martyna Lebryk

Martyna Lebryk is a Dublin based artist whose work encompasses painting sculpture and installation. Lebryk’s art explores ideas of social agency, power, control and failure. The artworks she creates seek to unearth the relationship between the body and the built space, by operating somewhere between an image and a three-dimensional form.

Martyna Lebryk



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