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Improvised Music Company presents Izumi Kimura & akiko: 一期一会 (one time one meeting)

Improvised Music Company presents  Izumi Kimura & Akiko "One Time One Meeting" Jazz Concert.

The Improvised Music Company (IMC) presents a unique concert experience featuring renowned Japanese vocalist Akiko and acclaimed pianist Izumi Kimura. This one-night-only event on the 9th of June promises an unforgettable blend of Japanese sensitivities, jazz improvisation and a captivating exploration of various musical genres.

Leading the way is akiko, a trailblazing vocalist who shattered barriers by becoming the first Japanese singer to sign with Verve Records. Her mesmerising voice and vast repertoire of over 500 jazz standards have captivated audiences worldwide. She seamlessly incorporates various genres into her music, collaborating with renowned producers like Henri Renaud and artists across the musical spectrum. akiko is a true innovator pushing the boundaries of jazz.

Complementing akiko's vocals is the masterful piano work of Izumi Kimura. Originally a classically trained pianist, Izumi has since embraced improvisation, creating genre-bending contemporary music. She has collaborated with leading figures in classical, jazz, and improvised music, including the Crash Ensemble, Barry Guy and Michael Buckley. The Irish Times aptly describes Izumi's playing as a captivating blend of "feral creativity and technical virtuosity."

This special concert by Izumi Kimura & Akiko promises a unique musical adventure. Prepare to be captivated by a fusion of Japanese folk songs, children's songs, modern hits, jazz standards and even poetry. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the magic created by these two exceptional artists!

Concert Details:

  • Date: 9th June

  • Venue: The Cooler at The Complex (IMC), entrance to The Depot, 12 Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7

  • Doors: 7:30 pm

  • Concert: 8pm-9:15pm

  • Concert Duration: Approximately 60 minutes (no intermission)

  • Tickets: Early Bird €12, general admission €15

  • Limited tickets are available, book yours today! 



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