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This Thursday 06 April Rachel Enright Murphy will perform 'Mouthsounds' in response to Fly Floor, an exhibition of works by Louisa Casas, Isabel English, Jan McCullough & Niamh O’Malley.

This audio performance will take place between 6.30 - 7.30pm. More info below. The performance will be followed by a DJ set in The Complex Bar by Leverrier (@oispideal) playing chill, breaks, and house from 7.30 - 9.30pm (€2 entry fee).

Mouthsounds is an audio performance that focuses on repetition and animals' perceptive capabilities through poetry, audio looping and musical tempo. Centred around a narrative of a bat being trapped inside a church, the performance interprets both the human voice and echolocation as a form of spatial or interpersonal enquiry. Through gaps in speech and moments of calculation or disfluency, a parallel storytelling emerges. Repetitive action becomes a spatial orientation: thinking, communicating, and perceiving simultaneously.

Rachel Enright Murphy’s (b.2000) practice primarily explores how natural ecologies are mediated and shaped by technology and vice versa. She works through video, sound, installation and live performance. Her practice seeks to establish alternative narratives to scientific literature through linguistic gaps and deliberate misinterpretation, often reading scientific data as fictional text. Her degree work V Shape, M Shape (2022) centres on the physical and ideological links between birds of prey and military aircraft. It examines animal training as a kind of technology and animals as tools for human endeavour. Her ongoing research seeks to align musical tempo, repetitive sound, speech, and animal echolocation as states of spatial and temporal anticipation. She works with hardware like CDJ controllers and guitar pedals in a non musical way, using structure and rhythm to explore conflicting forms of expression and communication.

Image courtesy Rachel Enright Murphy.


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