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Dublin City Inclusion and Integration Week 2021

The 2021 edition of Dublin City Inclusion and Integration Week launched on Monday November 8th. The event aims to highlight the work undertaken by Dublin City Council and other organisations to promote social inclusion, integration, and diversity in our city.

This year’s theme is ‘belonging, including, participating’, a sentiment reflected in the free programme of online and in person events, running until November 12th.

The events intend to engage with those who may face barriers to social inclusion and foster connections that create access for all.

The Complex is delighted that that our collaboration with Blanchardstown Traveller Development Group will feature in the programme. The series of videos include a poetry reading by Helen Hutchinson and Michael Collins, an excerpt from Michael Collins’ play ‘It’s a Cultural Thing … Or Is It?’, and a panel discussion featuring Hutchinson, Collins, and Catherine Joyce, manager of Blanchardstown Traveller Development Group.

The videos are available to view all week on the Dublin City Inclusion website.

Dublin City Inclusion and Integration Week was organised by Dublin City Council’s Housing and Community Services Department and delivery partners.


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