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Cuar Album Launch

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

‘Umhaill’ Album Launch

Saturday 26th November | Upstairs at The Complex, Dublin

Doors 8pm / Music 8:30pm TICKETS €16.70 on EVENTBRITE

Neil Ó Lochlainn’s traditional/improvisatory chamber ensemble ‘Cuar’ launches their newest album in Dublin with an intimate acoustic performance upstairs at The Complex.

‘Neil has an instinct and a feel for different strands of music that allows him to create uncompromised musical worlds that speak with real depth and authenticity’ - Martin Hayes

‘Umhaill’ is the second album by Neil Ó Lochlainn’s acoustic chamber ensemble Cuar. The album takes its name from a suite of music written by Ó Lochlainn while resident at the Heinrich Böll cottage on Achill Island in September 2019.

History and landscape echo through Cuar’s works on this new album. The title track ‘Umhaill’ takes its name from pirate Gráinne Ní Mháille’s historic territory around Clew Bay, including Achill, while the deserted village at An Sliabh Mór near the cottage inspired more of the music. This album creates a cinematically vivid, dream-touched memory of Ireland’s past and present, expressed in music that uses a myriad of influences in its imagery - from south Indian rhythms to downtown jazz.

Ó Lochlainn’s variety of forms and approaches create unpredictable, in-the-moment soundworlds, often inspired by traditional dance and song forms. Where some of the works are notated in refined detail, others are loose sketches, inviting openness, spontaneity, and an indefinable, immediate presence of sound from the performers.

Cuar’s first album ‘Roscanna' was described by the Irish Times as “a long-awaited, beautiful missive from the new post-genre frontier”. ‘Umhaill’ will be released on the 25th November and made available on CD and digital download.

Tickets and further info available at:



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