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The Cold Sings

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The Cold Sings, as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, ran at The Complex from the 5-9th of October and was funded by The Arts Council and supported by Dance Ireland.

The Cold Sings was produced by Junk Ensemble and explored issues around mental health and female identity. Drawing inspiration from Sylvia Plath’s 'The Bell Jar ' the work, by combining elements of contemporary dance and music, captured and delved into present day issues of self struggle, societal entrapment and the exploration of inner strength.

Featuring a host of national and international artists this captivating performance brought the work of Sylvia Plath to life, while highlighting important topics facing our modern world and societies.

Cold Sings Cast and Crew:

Direction and Creation Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy

Choreography Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy, in collaboration with the cast

Scenography Valerie Reid

Dramaturgy and Collaboration Jo Timmins

Music and Sound Design Denis Clohessy

Lighting Design Sarah Jane Shiels

Costume Design Sarah Bacon

Costume Assistant Laura Fajardo Castro

Cast Walé Adebusuyi, Robyn Byrne, Kevin Coquelard, Lucia Kickham, Julie Koenig, Sean X

Musicians Mary Barnecutt, Caitriona Frost, Katerina Speranskaya

Lyrics Dennis Kennedy, John Dryden (The Cold Song by Henry Purcell)

Vocal Coach Danny Forde

Stage Manager Jennifer Aust

Assistant Stage Manager Liusaidh Hopper Production Managers Adam Nolan and Baz O’Donovan

Line Producer Michelle Cahill

Producer Gwen Van Spÿk


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