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Celebrate Your New Year's Eve with a Sober Rave at Club Loosen in Dublin.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A purple poster of club loosen - New Years Eve Sober Rave Dublin Event

Dublin is poised to redefine the party scene this New Year’s Eve with “Sober Rave” at Club Loosen, a ground breaking event that’s reshaping nightlife. Hosted in the dynamic warehouse venue The Complex, right in the heart of Dublin city centre, Club Loosen is set to revolutionize how we celebrate, especially as the clock ticks towards midnight.

So, what is Club Loosen? Imagine a high-octane, energetic party where the euphoria is natural, and the vibes are pure. This is a destination for those eager to revel without relying on alcohol or drugs. It’s a celebration of self-expression, unaided by substances. The concept is simple yet profound: let loose, be yourself, and experience the joy of partying in its most authentic form.

The ethos of Club Loosen is all about maintaining the high from the night, ensuring it seamlessly flows into your next day – a refreshing contrast to the usual post-party slump. This event is not just about a single night of fun; it’s about setting a precedent for how we choose to party and interact.

The line-up for the evening is as eclectic as it is exciting. Starting at 9:30 PM, Willo Healy, a notable figure in Dublin’s vibrant club scene and owner of Blackwax Records, will set the tone with his diverse selection spanning disco, soul, funk, and house. Following him, Efa O’Neill, known for her atmospheric and genre-spanning sets, will take over, keeping the crowd on their toes with her unexpected mixes and energetic selections. As the clock strikes midnight, the celebration peaks, only to mellow down with a collaborative set by Willo and Efa post-midnight, ensuring a memorable start to the new year.

The event, strictly for 18s and over, offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including mocktails, soft drinks, iced tea, and water, catering to all tastes while keeping the spirit of the party alive. It's a testament to Club Loosen's commitment to providing a genuine, substance-free party experience.

Supported by The Arts Council's Late Night Events Pilot Programme, Club Loosen is more than just a party; it’s a movement. It challenges the traditional narrative that associates club culture and raves solely with substance use. At its core, Club Loosen celebrates the connection to music and the collective experiences it fosters, proving that an exhilarating party experience is possible without alcohol or drugs.

In essence, Club Loosen isn’t just an event; it’s a paradigm shift. It's a space that challenges the societal narrative that fun and partying require substances. It's an invitation to explore partying in its most undiluted form, to connect with the music, and most importantly, with each other, in a way that's authentic, energetic, and sober.

This New Year’s Eve, Dublin is not just hosting a party; it's pioneering a new way of celebrating. Club Loosen is not just a venue; it’s the future of partying. Welcome to the revolution.



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