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A Night to Remember: Dublin's Cultural Art, 'A Very Dublin Modular PANTO'

A woman using a sewing machine as part of the Dublin Modular Panto event

Irish Fashion Designer and Artist Niamh Saunders

Image credit: George Hooker

Dublin's vibrant cultural scene has always been a beacon of creativity, but the last holiday season truly shined with the arrival of 'A Very Dublin Modular PANTO' in The Complex. On the evening of December 22nd, attendees were treated to a festive warehouse exhibition unlike any other. This event was accessible to all, promising an unforgettable experience.

Exhibition by Flight of Fancy Shadow & Kevin Donnelly, Sarah Byrne, Loughlin Brady Smith including arts & crafts with Remaissance.

Images credit: George Hooker,

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland as part of a Late-Night Events Pilot Programme, 'A Very Dublin Modular PANTO' boasted a curated lineup that awakened audiences. The Complex, nestled in the heart of Dublin city centre, transformed into a pulsating hub of creativity, showcasing a diverse array of visual artists, DJs, and live electronic performers emerging from Ireland's dynamic cultural landscape.

This late-night warehouse exhibition was more than just an event; it was a convergence of art forms. Blending captivating visual spectacles with the infectious beats of electronic music, attendees found themselves immersed in a dynamic environment where the lines between artist and audience blurred. It was an interactive and engaging experience, inviting participants to become part of the artistic narrative unfolding before their eyes.

Images credit: George Hooker

Beyond the visual and musical elements, 'A Very Dublin Modular PANTO' served as a testament to the thriving art scene in Dublin. It celebrated the emergence of new talent while providing established artists with a platform to showcase their work to a diverse audience. Whether you were a local, a holiday visitor, a student on break, or simply seeking a unique way to celebrate the season, this event offered an evening filled with discovery, entertainment, and artistic expression.

Images credit: George Hooker

From stunning visual installations to pulsating electronic beats, 'A Very Dublin Modular PANTO' captivated the senses and ignited the imagination. It was more than just a cultural event; it was a reflection of the heart and soul of Dublin's contemporary art scene. As attendees departed The Complex that night, they carried memories of a truly extraordinary experience—a night where Dublin's cultural spirit shone brighter than ever before.



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