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Nana Kelekhidze

The Depot

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On Sunday, 26th November, The Complex Studio is hosting personal exhibition of Georgian artist and poet Nana Kelekhidze.

Open from 15:00-19:00

Nana Kelekhidze is a Georgian Poet, artist, and translator. Her poems are published in Georgian periodicals - "Literary Newspaper", "Tsiskari", "Akhali Saunje" and others. She also had a publication in the Austrian literary magazine "Manuscript." Her poems were included in the French-language anthology "Kutaisi Matareli", which was published in France in 2022. In the Russian-language anthology "Georgian poets of the 21st century". "I release" in the English anthology. Participated in the International Literary Festival held in Lithuania in 2019.

 She is the author of the poetry collection "Midnight", which was presented in Graz, Austria, in 2020.

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