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The Complex Studio Artist Updates

Updated: Jun 11

Rónán Ó Raghallaigh & George Hooker

Studio Artists George Hooker and Rónán Ó Raghallaigh have been working on a collaborative film work 'An Tobar agus an Chloch' which will be screened in the Dunlavin Festival of Arts in Co. Wicklow this month. Commissioned by Dunlavin Festival of Arts 2024 the screening will take place in the Imaal Hall, Dunlavin, 15-16 June, 12-6.30PM.

'An Tobar agus an Chloch' (The Well and the Stone) follows the creation of an offering at the Blessed Well at Tournant, Dunlavin; a carved spiral on a granite stone. The film responds to pre-Christian worship at wells in Ireland and the offerings people leave at them. The carved design in the work is inspired by a stone found at Tournant which has carved designs similar to neolithic art found elsewhere in Ireland. In 1929 the stone was donated to the National Museum of Ireland and there is no reference to it at Tournant today.

The film explores the physical journeys of people to the Blessed Well and the movement of stones in ancient earthworks, as well as the continued relevance of sacred sites in the contemporary world.

Amie Egan

Costume Designer Amie Egan has collaborated with Isadora Esptein on her upcoming new performance and outdoor exhibition " The Sun and Only" which is about weather lore and classical mythology, presented as a weather report with a surprising forecast.

Curated by Chris Clarke and commissioned by the Glucksman, music and visual art bring together forgotten and familiar stories of the sun – from Icarus’ melty wings to the shepherd’s delight of a red sky at night, it will take place at a TEST SITE, an urban research initiative situated on Kyrl’s Quay in Cork City which is running from the 15-16 June at 4pm. The exhibition is free but booking is required .

Eleanor McCaughey

"Whispers of rhythm balance on my hands" is a new solo show by Eleanor McCaughey curated by Sharon Murphy and commissioned by Draíocht and will run from Wednesday 12 June to Saturday 28 September in the ground floor gallery. The gallery opens Monday -Saturday from 10am until 6pm. Eleanor is a multi disciplinary artist, working across different mediums from painting, sculptural assemblage, mixed media, video and textiles. Her work is continually in flux, evolving through research, studio based experimentation and personal experiences of healing from endometriosis and infertility.



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