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'M/S', Art Factory

The Art Factory aims to provide selected applicants with supports in the form of tailor-made packages designed for each project, devised from a combination of the artists and The Complex's resources. One of the Art Factory projects selected this year is 'M/S', a feature film development project directed by Eoin Heaney. 'M/S' is a a high concept drama that epxlores the representation of illness and the radical possibilities of love, care and dying on your own terms. The film will draw on Heaney's sixteen years of experience as a carer for his mother, Susan Heaney, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

The film was born out of Eoin's desire to collaborate with his mother, and to find a creative outlet for their respective experiences of illness, both as patient and carer. The film was co-written by Susan, who is serving as an advisor on the project.

M/S stars Karen Ardiff and Rex Ryan, and is due to begin production in January.


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