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King Ping Pong at The Complex

Davey Moor and The Complex host the 9th annual visual art ping pong tourney.

The Complex are excited to host Davey Moor's 9th annual Ping Pong tourney tonight (15th November 2021) in the Ground Floor Gallery, 7pm until...victory!

For those not in the know, the King Ping Pong tournament has been "Serving to Ireland’s art community since 2012!" Each year Davey Moor has organised the event in a different art space inviting "Anyone in the visual arts can play - office staff, members, techs, artists, board members, curators, lecturers, registrars, writers, interns, under the banner of an organisation, gallery, studio, college ... you get the picture."

So who can beat the reigning champion Barry Lynch (photo below) who played for DCC Arts Office in 2019?

There will also be a brand new KRAZY TABLE for this years tournament, designed by artist Conor O Sullivan.

Spaces for this years tournament are full, but if you would like to come as a spectator please note the capacity is 50 people and entry is first-come-first-serve basis.

Check out Davey Moor's website for more information on the tournament, the list of winners for each year and the collection of amazing posters for each event!


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