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Eoghan Ryan's "A Sod State" Exhibition Preview Night in The Gallery.

Eoghan Ryan's film exhibition preview night in The Complex Gallery.

A Sod State by Eoghan Ryan, curated by Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll opened on April 12th in The Gallery. The reception was well attended, with refreshments sponsored on the night by Whiplash Irish craft beer. The exhibition looks at the Troubles in an alarmingly present tense, reconfigured as a time out of joint. Confusing memory and media, the film draws heavily from manipulated archival footage, juxtaposing it with images of recent post-Brexit media coverage. As such, it becomes an example of repetitive political theatre; a spectacle watched and consumed through TV screens and newspaper articles. Alongside the looping film, lie stacked piles of pallets. A pasted collage of images obliterates the white walls of the gallery. 

On Saturday the 20th of April at 3pm Eoghan Ryan and Dr Rory Rowan of Trinity College Dublin will hold a Q&A session in the Complex Gallery. The exhibition is accompanied by A Sod State – a publication featuring contributions from Maria Fusco, Jaki Irvine and Pádraic E. Moore which can be purchased in The Gallery for €10, with all proceeds going to the IPSC (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign).

The exhibition is running in The Gallery until the 27th of April.

Gallery Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 12pm - 5pm

Saturday 27 April 10am - 2pm.



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