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Guilherme Cosme

The Complex has worked with numerous artists to help bring their visions to life. One such performer is Guilherme Cosme:

Guilherme Cosme is a singer-songwriter/composer who found inspiration in greats such as Andy Bey and Nina Simone. Throughout his youth, Cosme studied and explored the world of Jazz, training his voice like his idols and cultivating his talent.

Since moving to Ireland from his native Brazil Cosme has branched out from his traditional love affair with Jazz and found himself exploring new styles and genres like Rock and Roll, while working with artists like Mary Bleeds before producing his first solo EP “Demon”

Cosme recently shot, at The Complex, two new music videos for his works 'Fantasia' and 'Into a Boy', both directed by Luca Truffarelli and featuring dance pieces choreographed and performed by Aaron Shaw.

Into A Boy




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