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Updated: Feb 15

Alternating Current, Dublin Digital Radio’s celebration of the experimental currents in contemporary Irish music returns to The Complex this October.


During the station’s six years of broadcasting, it has come to occupy a unique position in Ireland’s music hinterland. As a radio platform that thrives on giving space to experimenters, artists and producers, the station has become a home to some of the most compelling work being made both in Ireland and by its emigre axis.

For Alternating Current 2022, the theme is Beyond Human Intelligence, inspired by the writings of James Bridle and Pauline Oliveros.

“The crisis of global warming is a crisis of the mind, a crisis of thought, a crisis in our ability to think another way to be,” writes Bridle.

Dublin Digital Radio commissioned eight artists, working in sound art, radio, field recordings, electronics, spoken word and traditional instrumentation to make new work in response to this theme.

Beginning October 28th, the Alternating Current programme features a specially commissioned radiowork by artist and resident of the station Aisling-Ór Ní Aodha which will be broadcast at 11am on

Events will then move to The Complex where BABY NITS, BLACKMAGICRAWR, Colm Keady-Tabbal, David Donohoe, ELLLL, Howlbux (Irene Buckley and Elaine Howley), Maija Sofia, Stephen McEvoy as well as Diarmuid MacDiarmada, Clumsy Giantess and Warmer Climes will perform their new work in the old fruit and vegetable warehouse off Capel Street from 3pm until 1am. Finishing out the night will be Moot Tapes boss Polytunnel followed by up and coming Dublin DJ Bull Horris.

Tickets are priced at just €15 for Patrons, €22.50 for non-Patrons. You can sign up to Dublin Digital Radio’s Patreon here.

Check out ddr's website and social media for more information:

Alternating Current is made possible thanks to the kind support of The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council and The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media and The Complex



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