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Dabbledoo Music at The Complex

To mark their 10th anniversary, Dabbledoomusic are hosting a weeklong interactive music event at The Complex.

Over the last 10 years Dabbledoomusic has transformed the way music is taught in hundreds of primary schools across Ireland.

Music programs in Irish primary schools are traditionally focused on formal music education, with an emphasis on standard music notation, requiring the teacher to be a music specialist. Dabbledoomusic set out to find an alternative method, and discovered a way to way to make music education accessible for teachers and children everywhere.

The Dabbledoomusic method is accessible to all teachers and children, regardless of previous musical experience. They make use of common classroom technology and simple classroom instruments to make make sure every child in Ireland can benefit from a quality music education

From March 8 – 11, people interested in music and how it’s taught are invited to come along to The Complex to experience the revolution in music education.

A local primary school will attend each morning, and afternoons from 12.30 – 3pm are open and free for everyone to come in and play.

There will be instruments provided, and guest musicians every day to lead the music making.



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