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Updated: Jan 26

A picture of hands with a word Palimpsest

CoisCéim Dance Theatre is set to captivate audiences with their upcoming production, PALIMPSEST, scheduled to grace The Depot from 13th -17th  March 2024. Directed and choreographed by the acclaimed David Bolger, PALIMPSEST promises to be a mesmerizing exploration of layered meanings and intricate histories through a large-scale live performance.

A picture of a contemporary dancer


The very name, PALIMPSEST, carries a formal yet intriguing definition—a term denoting something with many different layers of meaning or detail that build on each other. In this performance, David Bolger aims to weave together various art forms and histories, creating a tapestry of depth and nuance that resonates with the audience.

PALIMPSEST is not just a dance performance; it is a creative journey that traces the ghostly-edged histories our shadows leave behind. Bolger's vision goes beyond the conventional, promising a unique and thought-provoking experience for attendees. The production is proudly funded by ART: 2023, a collaboration between The Arts Council and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport, and Media. This collaboration underscores the significance of PALIMPSEST in the context of a Decade of Centenaries.

In tandem with PALIMPSEST, CoisCéim Broadreach presents SPARKING DEBATE —an engaging participation project designed for and by young adults. This initiative seeks to provoke dialogue around Irish identity, hospitality, and sovereignty. It adds a layer of interactivity to the overall artistic experience, inviting the audience to reflect on contemporary issues.

A picture of hands with light project word " Palimpsest" an upcoming event in the Complex Depot

About CoisCéim Dance Theatre:

CoisCéim Dance Theatre stands as one of Ireland's leading dance companies, recognized for its expertise in presenting highly original work across various art forms and media. Under the leadership of David Bolger, a member of Aosdána, the company has graced international stages, including notable venues in the UK, USA, and Australia. CoisCéim is committed to producing exceptional, inclusive, and sustainable dance theatre that reflects contemporary Ireland.

In addition to its performance programme, CoisCéim conducts the innovative access and participation initiative, Broadreach, targeting diverse sections of the population to inspire a genuine curiosity in dance. As a strategically funded entity by the Arts Council of Ireland and supported by Dublin City Council and Culture Ireland, CoisCéim continues to contribute to the vibrancy and artistic excellence of Ireland's cultural landscape.

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Palimpsests by David Bolger

Credits and Creative Team:

PALIMPSEST boasts a talented ensemble featuring 

Vitor Bassi, 

Lee Clayden, 

Justine Cooper, 

Vanessa Guevara, 

Renako McDonald, 

Jonathan Mitchell, 

Alex O’Neill, 

Rosie Stebbing, 

Mateusz Szczerek, 

Jessie Thompson, 

and more to be announced. 

The creative team, led by Director and Choreographer David Bolger, includes:

 Denis Clohessy (Composition and Sound Design), 

Maree Kearns (Set Design), 

John Gunning (Lighting Design), 

Arran Murphy (Costume Design), 

Neil O'Driscoll (Projection Design), 

Val Sherlock (Hair & Make-up), 

Conall Morrison (Outside Eye).

PALIMPSEST in The Depot is not just an event; it's an immersive experience inviting audiences to unravel the layers of meaning and history intricately interwoven by CoisCéim Dance Theatre.

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