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Artist Talk this Friday 29th June

Clare Breen talks to Andreas Kindler von Knobloch and Blaine O’Donnell about hinder / further in The Gallery at The Complex 6-7pm Friday 29th June

hinder / further installation image by Kate Bowe O'Brien, July 2022

hinder / further is a site-specific, site-responsive exhibition of new works by Blaine O’Donnell and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch. The gallery architecture provides both a framework and foil for large-scale sculptural objects and architectural amendments that treat the gallery space as site, exploring the potential of sculptural engagement with architecture to influence and question material and social relations.

Clare Breen is the learning curator at VISUAL, Carlow. Her practice as a learning curator is deeply informed by artistic research methodologies. Clare works with community groups, schools and artists to develop learning programmes that aim to build strong ties with communities inside of and beyond the walls of institutions. Clare has a degree in Fine Art from NCAD and a Master in Education in the Arts from the Piet Zwart Institute in the Netherlands. Clare worked as part of the education team at Documenta 14 in Athens and coordinated various community-based and school-based projects in Ireland. Clare obtained a number of national funding awards for work as an artist and practice-led researcher, and worked with numerous institutions of art and education in Ireland and internationally. Relational practice is at the heart of her approach and she incorporates a range of collaborative and individual artistic forms to produce objects, meals, conversations, exhibitions and collaborative workshops. “Talking, making and sharing food together, are foregrounded in my practice as intimate gestures of care. Responding to bodies in relation to one another, making, eating and living together, is a way of working that I derive from feminist pedagogy.” Clare is particularly interested in collaborating with artists and researchers who are curious about the dialogues that can arise when their work enters the public sphere.

Andreas Kindler von Knobloch is a visual artist based in Dublin. He works both solo and collaboratively, as one of the members of Forerunner. His work is primarily concerned with our relationship to materials and architecture, with a general focus on systems of support and participation through the creation of structures, objects and spaces that question our material and social relations.

Recent works/exhibitions include; YOUNGFOSSIL a commission by the IMMA for their Summer Outdoor Program 2021, the Future and stuff, TULCA, Galway, ROI (2020), In Context 4, Rua Red, Tallaght, ROI (2019), Staring Forms, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin, ROI (2019), Architecture of Change, VOID, Derry, NI (2018), The Museum of Mythological Water-beasts, Ormston House, Limerick, ROI (2018), Uphold, permanent installation at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin (2017), Black Mountain, Catalyst Arts, Belfast. NI (2017), Distance, Collaborative drawings Harry Schneider, Verge PDX, Portland, Oregon, USA (2017), Now Wakes the Sea: Contemporary art and the ocean, The Glucksman, University College Cork, ROI (2017)

Blaine O’Donnell is a Dublin-based artist working primarily in sculpture. Through diverse research and material experimentation, he investigates the ontology of the artwork as a starting point for tracing wider networks of relationships between objects, humans and other things.

Exhibitions include; CAOL AIT Cuid a Do, 126 Gallery, Galway, ROI (2020), CAOL AIT, Burren College of Art, Clare, ROI (2019), six seville, Dublin, ROI (2018), RESORT: A Popular Destination, Pallas Projects, Dublin, ROI (2014), PRESENTLY, Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, NI (2014), TOMORROW’S ALMOST OVER, VOID, Derry, NI (2013), The 9th Burren Annual, Burren College of Art (2012) and SPECTRUM OF ACTIVITY, Black Mariah, Cork, ROI (2011).



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