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Anatomy Of A Night

Created and performed by Nick Nikolaou as part of Dublin Fringe Festival

PREVIEW 20 September,19:30, €11 PERFORMANCES 21 - 24 September 19:30, €15/€13

A love letter to the queers, the weirdoes, the trailblazers, the fringes and the night-walkers.

An exploration of personal identity through a reflection of memories from queer and club spaces. And once the show is finished the real night starts. The space transforms and becomes a club night for you, the audience with a different DJ every night.

Remembering the energy that can be drawn from these spaces and trying to sustain the sensation while understanding the longevity of a moment in time that is so communally charged. This show is a storytelling of any night, told through the use of dance, runaway show, spoken word and lip-syncing. It is an exploration of gender, queerness and camaraderie of different spaces. Spaces that feel safe and they are a necessity for our community and culture.

Different scenes of different nights play up during the show. Remembering a moment in time and seeing fragments and flashes of important moments. Experience a clean and perfect space, created from movement and light. Exploring gender and performativity through outfits and characters. Getting lost in a euphoric feeling, that is accentuated from the sweat and beats. Finding the beauty in the dirtiness and messiness of the night. Embracing the importance of those spaces and experiencing them for ourselves and those who came before us.The experience needs to be shared and the sacred space that is created needs to be danced in. Creating memories together and sustaining the community and its beauty.

PS. Come in a lewk ready to show it off.

Developed at FRINGE LAB with support from The Complex, field:arts, Dance Ireland and through crowdfunding. An earlier version of this work was developed initially through the Lighting Design for Dance Project 2021, an initiative from The Lir Academy, Liz Roche Company, Dance Ireland and the Irish World Academy, UL.

Please Note: Contains loud noise, the use of smoke machines and strobe lighting.

DJ Sets by: Tuesday 20: Rory Sweeney Wednesday 21: Bambi Thursday 22: Bull Horris Friday 23: ALYXIS Saturday 24: Tonie Walsh

Choreographer/Performer: Nick Nikolaou Lighting Designer: Kevin Murphy Sound Design/Production: Rory Sweeney Costume Designer: Dearbhla Beirne Mentor/Movement Dramaturg: Emma Martin Videographer: Sal Stapleton Advisor: Tonie Walsh



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