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art factory

The Complex invites artists of all disciplines to present their ideas for a contemporary, performative and interdisciplinary arts platform called THE ART FACTORY which provides a setting for experiments to take place in a supported environment, within the raw aesthetic of The Complex. Support can take the form of space, use of technical and streaming equipment, professional mentoring or collaboration, artists fees and commissions. The call is for ideas. Selections will be made by the panel based on the strength and integrity of the concept in its embryonic phase. A package will be offered to the successful applicant to help progress it into realisation.


Applications should take the form of a two-page outline and no more than 5 images. Budgets and marketing plans are not required. Send to , subject line: Art Factory.


An average of five projects will be chosen.


Deadline for applications: 5pm 1st April 2021 


Presentations are invited to take place in person: mid - late May 2021


This initiative is funded by Dublin City Council.

The Complex Technical Spec


Ella Bertilsson: Slime_Slug Slush

men in latex

Aliina Landroos: Phantasmagoria

people wrapped in plastic

OXBO: Miami Show Band

three people with laptop

David Fennelly: Betty


coMorbid Productions

man in shadow
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