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What's happening in Dublin this Month: The Complex's Monthly Event Guide.

The complex's event guide

This guide aims to keep you informed about the exciting events taking place in The Complex throughout the month. From captivating exhibitions showcasing local talent to engaging events that promise a delightful cultural experience, The Complex is the hub of creativity and entertainment.

Upcoming March Live Events in The Complex.


PALIMPSEST \pal-imp-sest\ noun. (formal) something that has many different layers of meaning or detail that build on each other art forms.

David Bolger’s PALIMPSEST layers art forms and histories in a large-scale live performance to trace and own the ghostly-edged histories our shadows leave behind PALIMPSEST is funded by ART: 2023, a Decade of Centenaries Collaboration between The Arts Council and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and presented in collaboration with St Patrick’s Festival.

In parallel with PALIMPSEST, CoisCéim Broadreach presents SPARKING DEBATE – a participation project for and by young adults to provoke dialogue around Irish identity, hospitality and sovereignty.


Upcoming April Exhibitions in The Complex.

Next weeks Exhibition: Alchemist's dreaming by Amanda Cullen 28-29 March in the Depot

This exhibition reveals a ten-year journey of creative expression and healing through art. The style is organic, markings are made from the gut, and they are instinctive and intuitive. The style and selection of materials is steady yet it has changed throughout my journey, with heart, spirit, mind and body all playing a part in my practice. There is space for innate wisdom to land and express itself on the pieces. The venue chosen for the show allows space for the art to show itself as a whole, immersing the viewer in the work.

Eoghan Ryan’s film installation A Sod State (2021), looks at conflicting themes of religion, statehood, state power, and spectatorship through the lens of the Northern Irish Troubles. Shown for the first time in Ireland, the film unravels a world of untrustworthy narration, wandering sounds, strobing imagery, and disarray. It is a tale of a corrupted, often censored, surreal, and confused state of affairs, in which an inner demagogue is manifested. This creature, or puppet, is not quite god, not quite devil, and performs binary contradictions of class, faith, identity, and borders; private, public, and political.



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