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'Virtual Greyhound' Album Launch

On the evening of Saturday November 27th, Al Reddan launched his debut album at The Ground Floor Gallery.

‘Virtual Greyhound’, the inaugural record from the self-proclaimed ‘explorer of song’, was performed to an intimate audience.

Folk singer Niamh Bury was the opening act, setting the wistful and poetic tone of the evening with her haunting vocals and contemplative lyrics.

The excitement in the room was palpable when Reddan and his band took to the stage. Intercepting his new tracks with some crowd favourites, the beautiful sound of a happy crowd echoed throughout the gallery.

Towards the end of his set, Reddan applauded Complex Studio artist Barry Gibbons for the typeface he designed for the ‘Virtual Greyhound’ album cover. Rónán Ó Raghallaigh created the album artwork, and was invited to the stage to speak about it. “Niamh the woman with her hands in the air just like the ancient druids, a water diviner who wakes up late, the square spiral, a bird framed in the window, the shapeshifting fox/greyhound, the big aul snake train in the morning”.

Virtual Greyhound is available to listen to on all streaming platforms, including Bandcamp.



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