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The Wartime Art Archives

Updated: Feb 15

As part of CFCP's 'The New Voices of Ireland Series' The Complex Gallery will holding a special exhibition from November 18-27 entitled “The Wartime Art Archives.

The Wartime Art Archives

The New Voices of Ireland Series showcases work by the migrant population in Ireland, bringing new voices and experiences to the local culture and arts scene.

“The Wartime Art Archives” is a collaborate exhibition exploring themes of war with a particular focusses on the current situation in Ukraine as well as on going conflicts in Syria and Palestine

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Council and will special opening night Thursday 17th at 18.00 

The exhibition will be opened by Maureen Kennelly, Director, the Arts Council, with address buy the Ukrainian ambassador Larysa Gerasko as well as the Polish ambassador Anna Sochańska.

The exhibition will highlight work by Adam Kos, Aljoscha, Christina Bennett, Csilla Toldy, Eleni Kolliopoulou, Joe Ryan, Kasia Zimnoch, Kate Kelly, Kseniia Rusnak, Maureen Jordan, Pawel Kleszczewski, Roger Hudson, Tina Whelan and Ukrainian artists associated with the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

Curator: Monika Sapielak



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