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'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella' opens tomorrow

The Complex presents 'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella', a solo exhibition by Andrea Martin.

'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella' is the first of The Complex's 2022 Community Initiative visual art exhibitions, extending the use of the Gallery, it's curator and technicians to bring exhibitions to realisation.

On Tuesday 18 January, 'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella' will launch from 5.30 - 7.30pm in The Ground Floor Gallery.

Andrea Martin is a painter, poet, singer, healer and a warrior. Her story is a remarkable ongoing odyssey through trauma, addiction, healing and redemption. Whilst being a very private person, Martin manages to be incredibly generous with her experiences through her art, her songs and her laser-sighted advocacy. Martin spent much of her childhood in the care system being transferred between many units in 1990s Ireland. After she left care, she spent much of her twenties in addiction.

About a decade ago, Martin put down the bottle and picked up the brush. Her style is at once evocative, poignant, light, abstract and unique. Art has been an essential part of her own recovery and she offers tireless encouragement to people to use art to get through their own trauma.

Full of humour, humanity and soul, 'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella' is an enthralling, bittersweet exposition one of the most interesting and important undiscovered artists in Ireland.

'The Girl with the Blue Umbrella' continues until 20 January, and opens from 10am - 5pm daily. Booking is not necessary, and masks are essential.

“I used to be in the dark, until I painted my life in colour”.

Supported by Dublin City Council.



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