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Last Day to Catch ‘Lost Green’

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Today, Friday 20 August 2021, is your last day to catch ‘Lost Green’, an exhibition of newly commissioned work by Alex De Roeck and Ann Ensor.

‘Lost Green’ presents us with a series of dichotomies as the two artists' practices converge to create a fantastical environment that deals with ecology, anthropomorphism, and materiality.

The contrast of the artists’ materials creates further tension, signifying differences between the artists' practices and their intentions, whilst at the same time their shared interest in fantasy and fiction acts as an adhesive, binding their works to perform a narrative.

The public reaction to the exhibition has been incredible, and the feedback proves it’s not one to be missed.

Some of our favourite comments have included "An ecological escape to *nowhere*", "A super trippy feast for the eyes", and simply but perfectly put, "A true experience".

Don’t miss your last chance to catch ‘Lost Green’ today in The Ground Floor Gallery between 10AM and 5PM. We look forward to welcoming you!

The Complex's gallery programme is proudly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Support for 'Lost Green' artists from Fingal Co. Council.



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