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Gaze At The Complex Week 2

Updated: Feb 15

From the 4-15th of October, as part of Gaze International LBGT+ Film Festival, The Complex is showcasing a series of short films looking at queer experiences in different countries and cultures.

Starting with 'Vikken' by Dounia Sichov, this French film guides the visitor through the history of transactivism and transgenderism, documenting historical figures from Joan of Arc, ultimately burned for wearing male clothing, to Dr James Barry a British doctor during the Victorian era, who despite being born a woman lived their adult life as a man in an occupation reserved for men.

The film also looks at other cultures throughout time from The Amazonians to the Yakut in Siberia and how they addressed issues of gender identity and how in many ways we as a society have gone backwards in our mutual understanding of such topics.

The narrator uses historical context to tell their own story and personal trials, dealing with a prejudicial legal frame work that forces people to take unnecessary steps, that they may not wish to take in order to legally change genders.

The film is incredibly moving, taking the viewer on a personal journey with the narrator as they share their own truth and struggles with us.

Another highlight of this week's screenings is 'Whispers' by former Complex studio artist Austin Hearne.

This film looks at Ireland's history with the Catholic Church and how recent social and political changes like the Gay Marriage and Repeal referenda have changed it.

Using various images and films captured over the last number of years, Hearne allows the user to reflect on their own personal relationship with the Church and its impact on Irish culture.

As part of Gaze 2022 Austin Hearne will be speaking at The Complex on Tuesday 11th of October at 7pm

Other short films that can be seen as part of the showcase include 'Inner Wound Real' by Carrie Hawks and German film 'Lana Kaiser' by Philipp Gufler.

All films can be seen this week at The Complex 10AM – 5PM Tuesday to Thursday and 12-5PM Saturday.


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