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Dublin's Coffee Festival Brews Excitement: A Java-Lover's Delight in The Complex.

Dublin Coffee festival in the Complex

Coffee enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Cup North, the creative force behind the well-loved Manchester and Birmingham Coffee Festivals in the UK, are thrilled to introduce the first-ever Dublin Coffee Festival. Set to unfold from 1-3 March in The Complex (with an exclusive industry-only session on March 1), this festival promises an unparalleled experience for both seasoned coffee aficionados and the curious.

A Blend of Entertainment, Education, and Exceptional Coffee.

Dublin Coffee festival Competition in the Complex

The highlight of the festival is the much-anticipated Extracted Development coffee competition on March 2-3. Talented baristas and roasters from across Ireland will unite, bringing the behind-the-bar scene to life on stage. What sets this competition apart is the active involvement of attendees. You're encouraged to engage with competitors, taste their competition coffees at the brew bar, and vote for your favourite team. The festival's program is a rich blend of entertainment, education, and, of course, exceptional coffee.

The talks and panels program features insights from industry experts, while the tasting room takes attendees on a journey through the diverse world of coffee origins. Workshops offer opportunities to learn new skills, and there are fun family activities for all. The festival isn't just about coffee; it's a celebration of community, learning, and enjoyment.

Explore Over 30 Specialty Brands.

Engage yourself in the rich aromas of coffee wonders from over 30 exhibitors, showcasing their unique coffee products, artisanal treats, and coffee-related offerings. From speciality coffee to delectable treats, everything is ready to be explored under one roof. Notable brands, including Bell Lane Coffee Roaster, Oatly, La Marzocco, and shareclub, have partnered with Dublin Coffee Festival to provide top-notch equipment and products to exhibitors.

Sustainability at the Heart of the Festival.

The Dublin Coffee Festival is committed to sustainability. It's a paper-cup free event, reducing our environmental impact. Attendees are encouraged to bring their reusable cups, and they've partnered with shareclub to provide a free cup rental service. Water and cup rinsing stations will be available, ensuring a convenient and eco-friendly coffee sampling experience. As part of their commitment to community impact, 6% of all ticket sales will be donated to Farmers’ Voice Radio and a local charity, supporting speciality coffee communities and the Dublin communities.

A group of people tasting different types of cofffee
Image credit: Dublin Coffee Festival

Cup North’s Co-founder, Hannah Davies, expresses her excitement, "Launching the first-ever Dublin Coffee Festival is a monumental moment for Cup North. It's more than coffee; it's an immersive experience for all coffee lovers, a community coming together, and a tribute to sustainability."

Event Details:

An Asian man at a coffee festival tasting coffee
Image credit: Dublin Coffee Festival

Tickets for the Dublin Coffee Festival are now available at Don't miss this lively celebration of coffee culture in Dublin. For more information, visit their official website at 

About Cup North:

Cup North, founded in 2014 by Hannah Davies and Ricardo Gandara, is an events company dedicated to promoting speciality coffee in the UK and Ireland. With successful projects like the Manchester Coffee Festival, the Birmingham Coffee Festival, the Extracted Development competition, the Brewing It Over podcast, and now the Dublin Coffee Festival, Cup North continues to be a driving force in the coffee events scene.

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