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Discover Art and Inspiration in The Complex’s Bar in Dublin – A Hub for Art Lovers.

Purple hair woman pouring a pint in a bar
Photo credit: George Hooker

Since its inception, The Complex has been a beacon of artistic leadership, dedicated to converting unused spaces into hubs of professional arts practice. This innovative approach has infused the community with creativity and provided a dynamic platform for artists.

Beginning in 2008, The Complex embarked on a somewhat nomadic journey, establishing various bases in the northwest inner city of Dublin. This period of transience culminated in a significant development in 2015, when The Complex found a temporary residence on Little Green Street, which is now known as Stay City Hotel, Dublin 7. Our current home is the former Banana wholesale market, which lent itself perfectly to the artistic vision of The Complex. Its industrial aesthetic seamlessly blended into the main performance and exhibition space, housing nine artist studios and contemporary spaces. This space, known as the Ground Floor Gallery, became a nurturing ground for emerging artists.

The evolution of The Complex continued, and in September 2019, it expanded its reach by opening new doors at 21-25 Arran Street East - Mary's Abbey. This expansion included an impressive array of 16 artist studios, alongside a gallery space and The Depot, a large open-plan warehouse which would become the main performance space. Nestled within the historic walls of The Complex studios, a unique feature emerged – a bar. This bar isn't just any ordinary bar; it's a curated experience that aligns perfectly with the artistic ethos of The Complex. With drinks specifically designed for each event and a dedicated team focused on creating a welcoming and joyful atmosphere, the bar offers much more than just beverages. It's a place where inspiration flows as freely as the drinks, where new memories are forged, and friendships are made.

The building of the Bar in The Complex was sponsored by Guinness, which has now become more than just a social spot; it's the pulsating heart of the art community with the help of Clodagh our Guinness rep. It caters not only to art aficionados but also welcomes those new to the world of art, offering a space where everyone can feel inspired. The Complex, with its unique blend of artistic spaces and its inviting bar, stands as a testament to the power of art in bringing people together and fostering a vibrant, creative community.

Discover more artistic events that are taking place in The Complex. From captivating exhibitions to immersive workshops, each event invites you to become part of a thriving artistic community. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a curious newcomer. Embrace the opportunity to engage with artists, ignite your creativity, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene.


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