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Debuting Dublin's Late @ The Complex

Late @The Complex series poster
Late @ The Complex is supported by the Arts Council's Late Night Events Pilot Programme.

Discover Late @The Complex - A Dublin event series showcasing innovative arts and music experiences, supported by the Arts Council's Late Night Events Pilot Programme.

Late @ The Complex is an exhilarating series of events that promises to redefine your late-night entertainment experience. Featuring Dublin's most dynamic and experienced promoters, artists, and programmers, this event series is all set to create a fresh, unforgettable late-night adventure. What's more, it's proudly supported by the Arts Council's Late Night Events Pilot Programme, a true testament to its quality and innovation.

Starting on the 21st of October and running up until the 31st of December, Late @The Complex invites you to partake in a diverse range of multidisciplinary arts events. The festivities began on October 21st with a remarkable kick-off - with Jeremy Deller's book launch, which seamlessly transitioned into a night filled with soul-stirring music.

As the weeks unfold, Late @ The Complex offers an array of captivating nights, each promising a unique and immersive experience. Dance the night away at DDR's (Dublin Digital Radio) Alternating Current festival of electronic music, catch Al Reddan & Band supported by Ellie O’Neill live in The Gallery, or delve into the mesmerizing world of techno at Nocturnal Animal's epic immersive techno experience.

For those with a penchant for the macabre, Slaughterhouse presents a chilling screening of The Exorcist in honour of its 50th Anniversary. If you're more inclined towards fashion and music, Soft Life's 999IRE event promises a night to remember. Dublin Modular entices you to an evening of visual art and music that's sure to stimulate the senses and end the year, Club Loosen presents a sober rave on New Year's Eve that's bound to be the talk of the town.

Late @ The Complex is your ticket to an extraordinary late-night experience that fuses art, music, and innovation in a way that's never been seen before. Don't miss out on this cultural extravaganza that's redefining the boundaries of late-night entertainment.


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