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Alternating Current: A Retrospective on Dublin Digital Radio's Sonic Festival "Meitheal" in The Complex, Oct 2023

Updated: Jan 12

Alternating Current " Meitheal"

The Pulse of Ireland's Music Scene: A Look Back at the Meitheal Event

Dublin Digital Radio (DDR) marked a significant milestone in Ireland's vibrant music landscape. Celebrating its seven years of influential broadcasting, DDR hosted "Alternating Current," a music festival that resonated deeply with the Irish music community. The event was part of the Arts Council's Late Night Event Pilot Program, which unfolded in The Depot and extended its reach online, showcasing the experimental currents in contemporary Irish music.

Embracing 'Meitheal'

The festival's theme, "Meitheal," recollects back to a traditional Irish practice of community labour for the common good. This ethos was beautifully woven into the festival's fabric, as it sought to explore the sonic commons - the collaborative essence of sound production and experience. The theme was particularly poignant in times of uncertainty, emphasising the power of collective effort in creating cultural spaces and the shared experience of music.

A Lineup that Echoed Innovation and Collaboration

The lineup boasted an array of artists who were at the forefront of sonic experimentation. Áine O’Dwyer, ALYXIS, BB84, Caskré, Lakker, Linda O'Keefe, Muireann Levis, Nigel Rolfe, Soria, and Whirling Hall of Knives performed their new work, transforming the space with their groundbreaking performances. The festival also featured commissioned radio works from Radio Alhara, Radio Cashmere, and other collaborators, broadcast live on DDR and partner stations.

Beyond Music: Cultivating Art and Technology.

The Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) played a pivotal role in the festival, hosting a series of workshops and screenings that delved into communal art-making. The outstanding events included an all-ages music workshop by Dabbledoo Music, an electronic music workshop for girls by SynthesizeHer, and a unique film screening in partnership with the Small File Media Festival. These events underscored the festival's commitment to inclusivity and innovation, providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives.

With support from the Art Council of Ireland as part of their Late Night Event Pilot Program, "Alternating Current" was more than just a collaboration of sound; it was a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Irish music community. The event not only showcased the rich tapestry of contemporary Irish music but also strengthened the bonds of community, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of sound and collaboration.

Alternating Current-  Events in Dublin
Image credit: George Hooker


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