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The Depot | 22/05/2017 - 23/05/2017

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"WHAT IS IT? WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE PART OF IT? WHAT IT'S LIKE FOR THE CHILDREN? WHO DOES IT? WHY? WHERE ELSE DOES IT HAPPEN? WHAT CAN WE DO?"An Assembly on Women's, Intimidation and Debt in the North Inner City. The Complex, Dublin City Council and the Abbey Theatre held a scratch performance to kick start a long term project exploring the damage done by the black economy on female lives in modern Ireland. Building on the Complex's north side connections with community groups and the Abbey Theatre’s two previous Assemblies on activism spent a day using personal experience, debate, passion and creativity to deepen our understanding of this issue and ask these questions; "What is it? What it's like to be part of it? What it's like for the children? Who does it? Why? Where else does it happen? What can we do?"



Neili Conroy

Roxanna NicLiam

High Hopes Choir

Cathleen O'Neill


Gary Broderick

Saol Project

Liselle McMahon curated by Livestock


Director: Vanessa Fielding

Producers: Vanessa Fielding, Phil Kingston

Set Dressing: Stephanie Golden

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Matthew O'Connell Quartet

Elizabeth Hilliard

Abel Selaocoe

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