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The Depot | 18/11/2023

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Al Reddan is a songwriter originally from Tipperary and currently based in West Cork. After travelling through Canada and America for a number of years he returned to Ireland where he forged collaborations with contemporary musicians on the folk scene. These collaborations took place at sessions throughout Dublin and were later bought into the studio and released on his first full-length LP, Virtual Greyhound.

Songs from this record were featured on Ruth Smith's Simply Folk on RTÉ Radio 1. The songs are often set in dreams and conceptual spaces throughout the Irish midlands, forests, hotels, and beyond. The various crafts of nature, with their destructive and regenerating attributes, are the central themes that resonate through the songs as a mirror to the self.

Al is currently working on a follow up album with the working title of The Holistic Hotel, set for release in early 2024. Current collaborators on this new work are Phil Christie (keyboards, guitar), Ben Strong (fiddle, bass), and Joe Love (drums, percussion).

Ellie O'Neill 

Ellie O’Neill is an emerging artist from Co. Meath. Her multifaceted practice includes working as a solo artist, collaborator and soloist, both in Ireland and abroad.

Ellie’s primary solo artistic output focuses on songwriting that explores intimacy, love, loss, and queerness. She creates raw, intimate, and rich material which is heightened through a fluid and collaborative relationship with her band members; always placing the emotional detail of the songs at the forefront.

As a vocalist she has performed as featured soloist with Glasshouse Ensemble since 2016 at major festivals throughout Ireland and is currently collaborating on a score for Irish filmmaker Alan Gilsenan.Ellie’s promising debut album encompasses work developed over the past three years and is currently in the final stages of postproduction. It is poised for release in 2022, with anticipation from both audiences and promoters alike.

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