World premier

11th –21st March 2009 | 8pm


Written by Anthony Goulding

Directed by Vanessa Fielding


Produced by Vanessa Fielding

Set and costumes by Sonia Haccius

Lighting by Nick McCall


Music by Vincent Smith



David Gorry

Denise McCormack

Louis McGee

Sean Flanagan

Brian Bennett

Roxanna NicLiam

Lacy Moore

Les Doherty


Set in a Dublin inner City flats complex, on the brink of regeneration. Written by the author of ‘Green’ (nominated for Best New Play Irish Times/ESB Awards 1997), this new play explores the complexities of change, the challenges to a community and the prospect of a new way of being. With over twenty characters, this epic piece of site-specific drama offers the audience a unique, immediate, human experience.


A disused warehouse on Smithfield Square, next to the Lighthouse Cinema, was converted into a temporary theatre for the play. The set is a scaffolding installation, sculpted to give an abstract representation of an inner city flats complex, with balconies, stairwells, and hidden corners.


The audience was encouraged to move with the action of the play, observing scenes from close range. Whilst there are resting places, the audience should be prepared to be mobile. The audience was not invited to participate, just to allow themselves to be immersed in the life of the story, as an active observer.


Interactive, participatory workshops, using Forum Theatre techniques, to explore some of the social issues raised in the play were used in rehearsals with selected groups from the North Inner City and a public forum will follow one performance per week (Fri). A particular onus was placed on regeneration and its wider implications.


The production was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and C.D.Y.S.B.

‘COMPLEXITY’ was a feature of St. Patrick’s Festival.