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The Complex's Christmas Arts Quiz is Back!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The Complex Xmas Arts Quiz poster

Get ready for an exciting evening of brain-teasing questions, friendly competition, and a chance to showcase your arts knowledge. The Complex's second annual Christmas Arts Quiz is scheduled for December 6th at 8 pm in The Depot, and it promises to be a night to remember. Dublin's arts community will gather to battle it out for the ultimate prize – bragging rights and some fantastic, assorted items. Do you have what it takes to claim victory this Christmas?

What's in Store for the Xmas Arts Quiz?

The Christmas Arts Quiz is not just your ordinary trivia night. It's a chance for arts organizations to come together, test their knowledge, and celebrate the vibrant arts scene in Dublin.

Table Bookings: Gather your team and secure your spot at the quiz. Tables are available for €20 each, and each table can accommodate four participants. It's the perfect opportunity to bond with your colleagues, friends, or fellow art enthusiasts.

Host Extraordinaire:

Our charismatic MC for the evening is none other than actor and writer Thommas Kane Byrne (TKB). With his wit and charm, he'll keep the atmosphere lively and engaging throughout the event.

Diverse Rounds:

The quiz will feature rounds on various aspects of the arts, including visual art, film, music, and theatre, and even a round to test your knowledge of the year that's just passed. It's a comprehensive test of your arts expertise.

two hands holding fireworks

Sample Questions to Spark Your Interest.

Curious about the level of challenge you'll face? Here are some sample questions from last year's quiz:

1. Ireland in Venice: Which artist had the honour of representing Ireland in the 2022 Venice Biennale?

2. Dali's Drooping Objects: In Salvador Dalí's iconic artwork "The Persistence of Memory," what are the three drooping objects that capture our imagination?

3. The Square: What country served as the backdrop for the 2017 film "The Square"?

4. Musical Maestro: Which talented Irish musician provided the music for Kenneth Branagh's autobiographical film "Belfast," released in 2022?

5. Film Quotes: Name the film that features the unforgettable line, "This is not Nam, it's bowling, there are rules."

6. Kate Bush Revival: In 2022, which Kate Bush song gained fresh attention after being featured in the popular drama series "Stranger Things"?

7. UK's Leadership Changes: How many Prime Ministers did the United Kingdom have in 2022?

8. Brian Friel's Insight: Which Brian Friel play, currently performing at the Abbey Theatre, delves into the British practice of renaming Irish towns and streets?

Join the Festivities

The Christmas Arts Quiz in The Complex is not just a battle of wits; it's a celebration of the arts community in Dublin. It's a chance to mingle, challenge your knowledge, and, most importantly, have a fantastic time. So, gather your team, book your table, and prepare for a night of fun, competition, and perhaps a few surprises.

Are you up for the challenge? Don't miss this opportunity to shine and support the thriving arts scene in Dublin.

Note: Book your tables early as space is limited, and this event promises to be a sell-out success.


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