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Studio Artists November Update

Here’s what some of The Complex Studio Artists are up to in November.

Austin Hearne

Slabs’, a solo exhibition by Austin Hearne runs at The Ground Floor Gallery at The Complex until Thursday November 25th.

Whilst in some ways deeply personal, ‘Slabs’ is at the same time universal and multi-layered, offering a tactile exploration of digital (and non-digital) archives, a provocative analysis of data collection, and scrutiny into the place of photography in our individual lives.

In the words of the artist, “The content and themes within the photographic material on the Slabs varies. The numerous images bounce off each other, seemingly fitting together in some cases and clashing in others. A memory bank where some thoughts, traumas, situations, people are remembered, truths rewritten or buried. I question if this project is autobiographical?”

‘Slabs’ opens from 10AM-5PM on weekdays, 12-5PM on Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays. Booking is not required.

Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes is an artist from Mayo, based in Dublin. Her work is predominantly sculptural, using expendable materials from modern mass production systems.

Hughes’ solo exhibition ‘And Yes, daydreamer SurRender’, is showing at Roscommon Arts Centre until Saturday January 15th, 2022.

The exhibition contemplates our heightened perception of physical proximity since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Presenting deflated, semi collapsed and precariously balanced sculptural objects, Helen reflects upon alienation in the physical world as our lives migrate toward the virtual realm.

Admission to ‘And Yes, daydreamer SurRender’ is free and does not need to be prebooked.

Jingze Du

Jingze Du is an artist from Yantai, China, based in Dublin.

Du’s paintings contemplate the state of flux between various dichotomies: strength and weakness, fast and slow, masculine and feminine. These paradoxes represent Du’s status as an immigrant, someone whose life has been divided into two parts: the first half in China, and the second in Ireland.

Du is displaying new work at Untitled Art 2021, as part of Steve Turner’s presentation. Untitled Art is a platform for discovering contemporary art, and this year’s edition takes place in Miami Beach, Florida.

Untitled Art will run from November 29th until December 4th.



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