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Spring Forward: Leïla Ka And Oona Doherty

To cut loose by Leïla Ka and Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus by Oona Doherty will be performed as part of the Spring Forward Festival at the Depot April 29th.

This performance features two pieces of work:

To cut loose by Leïla Ka:

In a nightgown. Immaculate, splashing white. In the midst of a thick darkness, that of the night, place of fantasies, darkness, dreams, letting go. It is a body in full pulsation, an attempt at revolt, at rebellion. An indestructible and indomitable desire for freedom. That of escaping the shackles, of putting an end to the injunctions, of cracking the seams of conditioning, of boiling down the assignments.

Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus by Oona Doherty:

“Hope Hunting” lies between the lines of physical theatre, social proclamation and dance. A thumping black golf, headlights on, sits in waiting, Music thumping from its metal shield. A man who is many men leaks in out of the metal beat, his story, A hunt for hope.


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