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Sober Rave returns: Featured in the Irish times

Updated: Jan 11


Sober Rave featured in the Irish Times

Sober Rave in The Complex

Rebecca Daly writes in the Irish Times magazine about her experience at the last Club Loosen sober rave in The Complex. She talks to organiser Paul Walsh who says "This is still clubbing, but we're making a choice. We're not going to take alcohol, we're not going to take drugs". And many of the guests come for that reason; "When I go out, it'll just be me having glasses of water with my friends who are drinking. It's a little bit more difficult to go on nights out and feel comfortable, but if it's a sober rave, everyone is doing the exact same thing. There's no peer pressure for you to drink and I really enjoy that." says one dancer.

Another guest described it as an "eye opening experience". She gave up drinking in recent months and found there were so little events in the city centre for those who are sober, sober-curious or who simply did not to drink on a given night. It's really great to have something like this. It's quite an experience to be out there dancing and to not have a drink in your hand or extra 'buzz' to keep you going. You just really develop that yourself" she says.

27-year-old Lauryn McNulty is proudly documenting sober life on Instagram as @sober_gal_in_Dublin and connecting with other like-minded young people in Ireland who organise meet-ups, sea swims and other events. "I would never have known there was a sober community for people in their 20s or women especially who just want to go out and do things. Even if they're not sober, they just want to do something that isn't surrounded by alcohol".

So come along this Saturday and loose yourself at CLUB LOOSEN!

Saturday 7th October in The Depot, 12 Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7, D07XR70 8pm-12 midnight

Club Loosen Sober Rave is part of Late @ The Complex, supported by the Arts Council's Late Night Events Pilot Programme



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